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HPCAT Members

Jiajun is working on accelerator designs for machine learning applications and computational finance. His research interests focus on high performance and energy-efficient computing, including domain-specific accelerators, heterogeneous architectures and parallel/distributed systems. 

Jiajun Li

Post-Doctoral Scientist

Lei Yang is working on application-aware efficient Network-on-Chip (NoC) design for high-performance and low-power heterogeneous many-core systems. Her research interests include optimization on computation and communication for NoC-based many-core systems, non-volatile memory based many-core system design.

Lei Yang

Post-Doctoral Scientist

Hao's research interests are in the areas of computer architecture and on-chip interconnect, with a focus on power-efficient on-chip interconnect designs (e.g. power-gating, DVFS), machine learning-based performance optimization, heterogeneous manycore architectures, and chiplet-based system designs.

Hao Zheng

Graduate Student

Ke’s research area lies on machine learning and NoCs design. The goal is to find an optimized NoC design of high performance, power efficiency and reliability by applying machine learning algorithms.

Ke Wang

Graduate Student

Yuechen's research area lies in NoC design and big data application. As NoC performance is critical in multi-core CPU design, he believes, the combination of hardware and software design will deliver high performance.

Yuechen Chen

Graduate Student

Yuan Li is working on 3D Network-on-Chip architectures. His research aims to facilitate high performance computing with novel architecturesi and mechanisms.

Yuan Li

Graduate Student

Hanan Alqarni is a first year Ph.D student majoring in Computer Engineering. Her primary interest is emerging interconnect technologies.

Hanan Alqarni

Graduate Student

Yaqi Wu is a first year master student majoring in Computer Engineering. Her primary interest is computer architecture and machine learning.

Yaqi Wu

Graduate Student

Yingnan Zhao is working on applying machine learning to edge computing. His research aims to
facilitate edge computing with novel architectures and mechanisms.

Yingnan Zhao

Graduate Student

Jiani Li is a second year master student majoring in Electrical Computer Engineering.
Her primary interest is computer architecture and machine learning.

Jiani Li

Undergraduate Student

Jiaqi is a first year Ph.d student interested in computer architecture.

Jiaqi Yang

Graduate Student

Zhaohan Xi is a first year Ph.D student majoring in Computer Engineering. His primary interest is computer architecture and machine learning.

Zhaohan Xi

Graduate Student

Marie-Laure is majoring in Computer Engineering and is graduating with the class of 2019. She is most interested in computer architecture and organization as well as systems.

Marie-Laure Brossay

Undergraduate Student

Sebastian is a Computer Engineering major graduating in 2019. In 2018, he was at NVIDIA, writing systems code for self-driving cars. In 2017 he worked in the Platform Engineering Group at Intel. His interests are systems and computer architecture.

Sebastian Foubert

Undergraduate Student

Sophia Martinez is a second year student majoring in Computer Engineering. Although she is just starting to learn the basics, she is mostly interested in Computer Organization and Architecture

Sophia Martinez

Undergraduate Student

Parmvir assists the laboratory in researching Network-on-Chips (NoCs) via tools such as WinMIPS. In addition, he aids the Graduate Research Assistants by maintaining a database of the sources.

Parmvir Chahal

Undergraduate Student

High Performance Computing Architectures & Technologies Lab

Department of Electrical and Computer Enginnering
School of Engineering and Applied Science
The George Washington University

800 22nd Street NW
Washington, DC 20052
United States of America 


Ahmed Louri, IEEE Fellow
David and Marilyn Karlgaard Endowed Chair Professor of ECE
Director,  HPCAT Lab 

Phone: +1 (202) 994 8241